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About us


Aesthetic Apparel was created with korean street fashion, anime, and kawaii fashion in mind. We wanted to make the products more accessible to the world, and here we are!

We started off small on storenvy, and reached over 200 sales worldwide! To thank everyone for their interest in our brand, we have now moved to our own website to create more happy customers!

Cosplays are especially difficult to come across with high quality for a reasonable price, and we also provide wigs with the cosplays we sell, which is different to any other cosplay provider. This allows you to do costests without having to worry about seperated shipping times :)


Our Partners

Moeyu Cream-Made Paloli

Who is our store manager?

Lina - our store manager - is a university student, who also loves all the things she sells. Don't be surprised if you catch her wearing her own products!


Is there anyone else on the team??


Anh is in charge of the coding behind the web page - thank him for the beautiful designs and hard work that was put into creating the new page. 



Anh & Lina   -  Hyper Japan

This is our picture taken at Hyper Japan cosplaying Anonymous Noise!