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D.Va Portable Charger Gun


D.Va Portable Charger Gun - a perfect replica!

NOTE: There is no charger for the actual portable charger - but it is a micro USB input. You can easily find micro USB's for a low price on sites like amazon ^_^ .

FEATURES: 8000mAh, includes usb charger for iPhones, supports USB inputs, LED lights, stand, Laser, and some other features!


1) Pull trigger twice to leave the green LEDs on. Pull twice again to turn them off.

2) Pull the trigger and hold it, and the laser through the front will be on. Let go and the laser will turn off.

3) There are four LED's on the handle which indicates the charge level.

4) When you connect your phone via USB, pull the trigger once to charge your phone. The charge will automatically stop once your phone is 100% battery level.

Please keep laser pointer away from your eyes and other people's. Feel free to play around with your cats and dogs, though!

Delivery: Free.

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